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Dr. John Olesen

John came over from Denmark on the boat when he was a year old. He speaks Danish well enough to be understood by Scandinavians.

He has been involved in competitive sport for much of his life. He played rugby at UBC and on the island, the Nanaimo Hornets and the Crimson Tide. He has also been active in squash, windsurfing, skiing, cycling, and flying.

Fortune has smiled on John allowing him to marry Dr Maria Furlong and have four great children together. Currently, his present focus when not working, is on quality family life and the progress of everybody.

Dentally he has been involved in further training, especially through study clubs, in endodontics, prosthodontics, TMJ and Occlusion, esthetic dentistry, laser dentistry, and implants. Presently a dental implant study club with a monthly meeting is held in the office. Dental study clubs involve dentists getting together with a mentor to further their skills in a certain dental discipline.

Maria headshot

Dr. Maria Furlong

Maria was born in Prince George after her parents immigrated from England and Ireland. She is the eldest of 6 children.

Into her late teens she had a passion for dance. She also ran some track. Between and after her children were born she ran full and half marathons for a while. Now her two daughters are also serious dancers. The oldest is attending the University of Michigan Musical Theatre Program in Ann Arbour Michigan.

Maria manages a busy family life with kids’ activities and school work and is a serious gardener, beekeeper, and chicken farmer.



Receptionists: Leanne, Sheila and Yvonne


Certified Dental Assistants: Lisa, Carly, Linda


Hygienists: Lisa, Adam and Pam