The Surprising Thing About Implants

The surprising thing about implants is how very little they hurt after placement.

Most people will take an Advil or two because we recommend it but very often after that they do not require any pain meds. Consider what is being done to the jawbone(s): An incision is made and the jawbone exposed. A series of drills are used, starting with small diameter and progressing to slightly bigger while stepping down the rpm every time. When the diameter is reached that corresponds to the implant diameter that will be used a tap drill is used at 25 rpm to create a thread in the hole. The implant is then threaded into place, a healing cover is put into it and the gum is sutured back into place over it. There is rarely any swelling and the person experiences more discomfort than actual pain. Perhaps this is because the nerves do not do a great job of growing into a site where teeth used to be. Note that when we take out wisdom teeth and if any bone is removed from this area there is often swelling and pain that can easily last for 7 to 10 days.