Here at Seven Sails patient understanding and complete knowledge of your dental situation is of utmost importance.

Every work station has a camera that is used to take pictures of whatever needs attention. It can then be shown magnified many times on a computer screen so everybody can see what their situation is and, with some explanation, fully understand and be part of the decision-making process for possible solutions. When a person can see and understand, the scary imagination factors are removed. People can feel more relaxed and confident. Pictures are taken during the procedure so the person can follow the repair sequence from start to finish.

Methods of Payment

We accept 3rd party insurance, MasterCard, Visa,  and cash. Note that not all procedures are covered by insurance. However, our exceptional staff will be able to assist you by sending pre-authorizations to your dental plans before your next treatment commences (if required).

John headshot

Dr. John Olesen

Nanaimo dentist John Olesen completed his basic dental training at UBC in 1983. He has always been based in Nanaimo since graduating and has 35 years of experience. Along with Dr. Maria Furlong he has been involved in many study clubs over the years to further their dental training.

With every appointment John spends a certain amount of time on patient education. It is important that the person in the chair knows what is being done, how its being done, and why.

Maria headshot

Dr. Maria Furlong

Nanaimo dentist Maria Furlong completed her dental training at UBC before moving to the Island in 1996. She has a special passion for working with children. Dr.Furlong has over 22 years of experience treating patients doing general dentistry. She strives to make dental visits a positive experience for all her patients. She has a gentle, personable, and calming manner and also offers oral as well as nitrous oxide sedation for patients who might benefit from its use.